Houten loungese

Houten loungese

Op zoek naar een massief houten eettafel en een houten loungeset? Koop Poorten-tafels.nl voor meubilair van hoge kwaliteit tegen ongelooflijke prijzen voor uw diner.

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Only original products of  “LONDON BROTHERS”  Collection are tagged with the label and company logo on the product.


1. LONDON BROTHERS MANUFACTURING & DESIGN Ltd   combines passion and experience in the production of wood items – we are a family company with years of experience.

2. Attention to every detail and the quality of proper, first-class wood used during production are the most important values and standards in our company.

3. Not only do we offer standard dimensions, but we also specialize in non-standard sizes adjusted to your particular needs.

4. „ LONDON BROTHERS ”   has its own design office, in which your gates come into existence on a piece of paper – this is where all our gates are built from scratch, i.e. from a detailed design.

5. We offer experience, best quality and aesthetic  finishing, which makes the „ LONDON BROTHERS ”   quality mark appreciated by our clients ...?

6. Wood sorting in the first place – We offer only first class wood, regardless of the species of which your gate is to be made. This is the most important factor, from which the production of an exclusive gate begins.

7. Gate elements are double-sanded, since this kind of finishing enables us to achieve perfect smoothness of a gate and a desired appearance. Moreover, when the final assembly phase is finished, a gate is handed over to a qualified  employee for final hand sanding.

8. Proper mortise and tenon joints are our second indicator of quality. They are distinguished by high durability and perfect fitting.

9. In order to ensure that the joints fulfil their function, their elements are joined with the use of a high quality, waterproof glue, resistant to weather conditions.

10. We uses only well-tried glues, since only such glues can guarantee long-term use.

11. Our gates are equipped with a drainage system, which is crucial as far as weather conditions are concerned. Water flows down the gate and does not accumulate near joints.

12. We offer only high quality locks made by LOCINOX  . All these well-tried, reliable solutions form a perfect whole to ensure the best quality.

                         Doing shopping in our ONLINE SHOP, one can choose from galvanized powder-coated or stainless steel gate fittings.

13. Each gate is highly reliable, adjusted to manual or automatic opening, and can additionally be equipped with a monitoring or videophone system.

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